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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Prom Checklist

Prom Checklist
Sunday, March 11, 2018
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Okay so prom season is literally just around the corner.
Despite it seeming ages away, the next few months will absolutely fly by.
When I was preparing for my prom last year, I really struggled to find  a 'prom checklist' kind of
page online, where everything would be in one place so I thought I would make my own to 
help my fellow girls out.

1- Okay so firstly the most obvious point, the dress.
Despite the stereotype, more people are stepping away from the traditional 
long prom dress look and opting for something more their style instead - a top with skirt or a shorter dress etc. Prefer trousers? Some dress salons have started collections with feminine suits
and even 'skort type' dresses, where the dress is actually a pair of trousers.
Now thanks to the internet, real life shops aren't the only places where you can 
purchases your prom gown. Online shops such as Jeffrey's Boutique and Milly Bridal are popular alternatives, and there are plenty more. 

2- The shoes and bag. And more importantly, that you can actually walk in them! 
I surprising managed to last in my killer 5inch heels on my night, but that's only because I made sure to walk them in beforehand. Also came prepared with a pair of skin tights
(which are also an amazing hack for smoother looking legs) and plasters so I was absolutely fine.
You are actually highly likely to find a nice pair of prom heels down the highstreet in places such as River Island and Topshop, if not, I highly recommend Simmi where I found my gorg pair of nude stilettos. Quite often when buying your shoes, you will be able to find a matching or similar style bag in the same place. Another important thing to remember is your underwear
Need to make sure nothing is seen or sticks out your dress!

3- Hair, Nails and Makeup, I think this factor is one of the most overrated as the stereotype is associated with hours in a beauty salon. Which is completely, fine, but honestly if you enjoy doing your own makeup yourself, you might as well save yourself the money and do it that way. Loads of my friends did their own makeup or did each others, at least this way you know what to expect. If you do however want a makeup artist, make sure to have a trial first to avoid disappointment and stress on the day. The same goes with hair. But also consider if your desired hairstyle is suitable for your hair type! I dreamed of large, all over curls all my life but hen it came to the day, due to the weight of my hair they all dropped very quickly, despite the heaps of hairspray. Nails are quite optional really, but just a coat of a topcoat can make them instantly look a lot ore polished.

4- How and who with you will get there, I think one of my biggest prom regrets was not going
with my mates but with a lad instead, oops! Just go with who makes you happiest and you'll create the best memories with, that's all I can say really. Transport wise, you can honestly get there in whichever way you imagine. From just getting your parents to drop you off, to biking or hiring a NY style cab. I know people who used the back of a truck, the world is your oyster.

And that's it for now hunnies! If I think of anything else, I'll make sure to update the post.
I wish you the best prom!

K x

Sunday, March 4, 2018

17 Wishes

17 Wishes
Sunday, March 4, 2018
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A few days ago, I finally turned seventeen. 
Despite not being a big 'birthday person', I couldn't wait to close one of
the hardest years of my life. 
I thought that I would take the time to share my seventeen wishes 
for the following year with you angels and possibly motivate some of you with my own aspirations.

1- Appreciate every moment
2- To make the most out of every situation
3- Not allow any optional negativity in my life- both people and situations
4- Be myself
5- Take more photos
6-  Go on more walks
7-To become more confident within myself 
8- Have a more optimistic view on my surroundings
9- Take thorough care of myself
10- Read more
11- Appreciate those around me more
12- Be less mainstream
13- Never forget my value 
14- Follow my gut instinct 
15-  Smile more
16- Discover more music
17- To be both emotionally and mentally happy

K x

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Heart To Heart

A Heart To Heart
Sunday, February 11, 2018
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As you have probably guessed if you have been here a while, my posts over the past few months have been pretty much non existent.And despite not posting much on here not being an official crime,
it kind of feels like it is since I am letting both you and me down.

In all honesty, the last few moths have been a series of constant ups and downs- a literal roller coaster. Starting a new college in a different town, break ups, make ups and not 
mentioning the absolutely M.A.D. transition between gcses and alevels.
For all those abroad wondering, college in England is the fence between secondary school and university. And despite adoring all my chosen subjects (Business, Law and Accounting),
life has become a lot more tiring.
With all these nerves and stress I think I forgot that my biggest stress relief method is actually
writing my silly, little posts for this teeny corner of the internet which
is exactly why I promise to be more active.
I'll write up some rota for more regular posts and I promise you will be seeing A LOT
more of me this year, love you angels.

K x